Monica and Laura met in the dance studio and quickly became great friends. Dancing inspired the two to create their own dresses and jewelry, which have quickly expanded to the competition scene. Our mission is to capture the hearts of the ballroom industry while supplying it with a sophisticated collection of custom ballroom dresses and dance-sport attire. Many of our unique ballroom dresses have been featured in prestigious ballroom dance competitions, as well as in popular U.S. and International television shows such as "So You Think you Can Dance," and "Mi Sueno es Bailar."

that love and passion translates into every dress and piece of practice wear we create


Monica Broch | president

 Born and raised in Venice, Italy. Since her daughter started dancing she volunteered countless hours to make hundreds of costumes for the Golden State Dance Company and became their president and Costume Designer. She also built many contemporary dance dresses and tastefully decorated unitards for performances and dance competitions, receiving multiple best costume awards.

Laura Tolentino | vice president

 Although not a native to Italy, Laura is also of Italian heritage and a third generation garment industry veteran (grandmother Sofia and father  Rafael) Laura's father owned and operated a garment manufacturing business in Los Angeles for nearly years of which Laura spent her youth and young adulthood working with him and learning the trade. After spending 28 years in the mortgage industry, she decided to leave the corporate climate to return to her roots and pursue her passion with her best friend and business partner Monica Broch. "Monica and I both love to dance and that love and passion translates into every dress and piece of practice wear we create".